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Landscape Gallery

Fine Art Oil Paintings created in the classic neo-romantic style. These mysterious land and seascapes transport the viewer to a far away place and time. Tugging at the emotions that define the human condition, we find ourselves lost in the unique world created by the artist. Every piece speaks a different language to each individual, making the experience truly unique.

Portrait Gallery

With an eye for color and emotion, the artist captures the heart and soul of the subject. Whether that subject is world famous, or just famous in your world, the same amount of care is afforded to every work of art. His objective is to capture all of their passion, emotion and personality in a single moment ~ one meant to last a lifetime.

Recent Commissions

A rare opportunity to take part in the creation of a one-of-a-kind work of art. Created expressly for you, it incorporates your ideas and feedback, and will forever be a personal statement. You can watch the progress online and interact with the artist via the "On the Easel" section.

On the Easel...

An intimate look inside the Studio as new pieces are created. Photos and a progressive blog by the artist make this a unique way to learn and appreciate art.

Current projects...On the Easel...

This area of the site gives you a glimpse into the styles and techniques used in the creation of these works of Art. Watch the progression from blank canvas to finished artwork, and gain an understanding of the passion that goes into every aspect of the process. If you have commissioned a piece, you can watch the step-by-step creation of your personal masterpiece, and interact with the artist as a one-of-a-kind original work is created just for you.
On the Easel NOW...

About Commissions

"There is nothing I enjoy more than working with a Collector on commissions. It is a blessing to have the opportunity to realize their visions within my work. I am very passionate about the artwork speaking the language of the viewer. Creating a commission that brings the Collector's ideas or feelings to life in a tangible way, is truly a wonderful experience for both of us”

I am always interested in discussing the opportunity to deliver works of art expressly for you, or for someone special. You can even commission works of art for your business space.

I've spent over 30 years bringing clients' ideas and visions to life through visual communications. That experience allows me to deliver the same results through my Fine Arts. I understand how to listen. I understand how to hear the things that fall between the words, capturing the true vision you are trying to reveal.

The process can be fun, and very informative. It is a unique way to participate in the creation of a work of art meant to be intimately personal.

About the ArtistA contemporary artist "with old bones", David's work can be found in a remarkably wide variety of collections.

David Fedeli

"As the artist, it is not my purpose to dictate what the viewer sees on the canvas, or what it "means". I think that would be very wrong. My intent is to create work that instead poses the question to them; what does it mean to you?"
"Their answer to that question is soaked with individual life experiences, so for each person the "meaning" of the painting is truly unique. Turning them inward to find the answer makes it intimate and personal - like the painting itself. It bypasses emotional barriers that would make it very difficult for us to communicate on that level - nevermind factoring in race, religion, age, gender, etc... and the fact that we don’t even know each other!"
It's not about what they see with their eyes - my job is to burrow deeper... into their soul." ~ David Fedeli

Art is LifeFine Artist Blog

Caring for Oil Paintings
Posted By :Date :David Fedeli | 01-16-2017

How to Care for your Oil Paintings Caring for Oil Paintings will ensure their longevity. Preventative measures can, and should be taken when owning an oil painting. If properly cared for, oil paintings can last for centuries. Oils are one of the most sensitive means of artistic media, and damages are common. Handling of the artwork, changes in temperature, lighting, hanging, and storage can all cause different types of damage, including the cracking of paint, distortions of the canvas, fading and discoloration of the painting Some Basic Facts about Oil paintings;…


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Currents & Comments

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What Collectors are saying...

  • David P ~ Grand Ledge, MI

    “Thanks a lot for sharing your talent in my quest to build a collection of animal rights paintings. I’ll continue to follow your work and I wish you great success. In fact, now that I own one of your paintings, feel free to become a world renowned artist! :)”

  • David K ~ Hewlett, NY

    “Wow. I’m blown away. It’s perfect, a true masterpiece. I absolutely love it. Just a beautiful painting. I’m a little stunned and can’t wait to see it in person.”

    “David, I have received the painting. It is magnificent in person, the pictures online didn’t do it justice. Thank you so much!”

  • Barbara L ~ Washougal, WA

    “Albatross II is at the frame shop now. I had a good time picking something out that would compliment it. I will send you a photo when I get it back. I have been showing it off on your website “on the easel” to lots of my friends. They can see how cool it is to commission a painting for an idea you have…and they get to experience your very nice website and see your other works.”

  • Jerry S ~ Denver, CO

    “David is not just a wonderful person, he was the KING of the show! It was hard getting through his booth, he had so many admirers. I will be purchasing more for sure.”