Commissioning an Original Work of Art

Com-mis-sion [kuh-mish-uhn]: Commissions are a task or matter committed to one’s charge; official assignment: “The painter accepts commissions in order to feed his weak, malnourished offspring through emotional works of art.”

Got Art?
There is nothing I enjoy more than working with a Collector on commissions. Creating a painting that brings their ideas or emotions to life in a tangible way is truly a wonderful experience for both of us. Collectors really enjoy being able to watch their commissioned pieces come to life online. Learning about the materials used, and techniques employed make it a much more intimate event.

Contact me for a unique work of art, created exclusively for you or someone special.  A work of Art is an incredibly personal gift that lasts a lifetime. You can also commission works of art for your business space.

Why I love Commissions

There are a myriad of reasons why many artists refuse to accept commissions. The technical challenges alone can be impossible to overcome for some. For example, painting a scene that is totally contrary to your usual work often requires the use of an unfamiliar color palette*. This can be extremely risky for those painters who only work with a single color palette. Without the ability to predict the results of mixed colors, the painting can be doomed from the first brush stroke.

On the creative side, a commission causes you to work from a foundation that consists of someone elses’ vision – not your own. The ability to immerse yourself in in their world, while still remaining firmly tethered to your own (warped) universe, is how you achieve success. That immersion process is how I stay excited about accepting commissions.

I’ve spent over 30 years bringing clients’ ideas and visions to life through visual communications. I understand how to listen and hear the things that fall between the words, revealing the true message you are trying to communicate.

*palette: the range of colors used by a particular artist or in a particular picture.

A “style” – not a rut!

As an artist, it is important to establish a style that is contiguous throughout your body of work. This gives collectors the ability to tell to you to paint their ideas “in your style“. That bridges the gap between their idea and your interpretation of it, and makes the project much more “typical” for you, despite the technical challenges. It makes it much easier on the collector as well.


I am also very excited to accept Portrait commissions!

My roots in Fine Art began with portrait commissions. I have always been inspired to capture the passions and emotions that hide behind the eyes – passions that speak the true story of a person’s soul.

A fellow artist said, “There is a sadness in beauty…and a beauty in sadness…and such is the realm in which my work resides.” I think this epitomizes that which so many artists seek to capture; the raw, true emotion that lies beneath the surface and defines the individual.

Services can also include photography sessions, if needed. In addition to the advantages of working with one “creative soul” (nut) from start to finish, it also gives me an opportunity to learn a bit about the subject. This process allows me to portray the characteristics of their heart, as well as their physical beauty.

Photography Services

The Complete Solution

(Limited offering – call for availability) David can work from existing photographs or digital images, but he also provides complete photographic services to compliment his Portrait offerings – at no additional charge. Keep in mind, creating a portrait requires much more than just a photograph.

While a portrait can certainly be done from supplied images, getting the most out of the process requires an experienced eye and a knack for making the subject feel at ease so they can enjoy the entire experience. This relaxed, comfortable atmosphere is critical, and it shows in the end results. You cannot capture the spirit within if the subject is tense or distracted, and ultimately, this spirit is what shows in the eyes and the finished product. David is happy to work in whatever style or genre you desire.

Commission a Similar Item

When you see works in the Gallery that have been sold, consider commissions. It allows me to create a similar piece specifically for you.

If you prefer a completely unique original work, I can work from your ideas or from a specific concept. I can also work from your photographs and include monuments, objects, or scenes of familiar places that you have visited.

Whatever it is you seek, I would love the opportunity to discuss commissions with you.


Contact me anytime, by email or by phone.