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Hello there! This my personal blog, where I share my current studio projects. You can watch new paintings as they progress on the easel. I really enjoy posting the “in-progress” photos and discussing some of the materials and techniques that are used. Most of all, I really enjoy interacting with collectors who have commissioned an original piece. Caring for Oil Paintings

Size: 28″x22″ Medium: Oil on Canvas Working Title: Autumn Barn "why are you painting this subject?" 2/3/2016 This is a ...
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This area of the site gives you a glimpse into the styles and techniques used in the creation of these works of Art. Watch the progression from blank canvas to finished artwork, and gain an understanding of the passion that goes into every aspect of the process.If you have commissioned a piece, you can watch the step-by-step creation of your personal masterpiece, and interact with the artist as a one-of-a-kind original work is created just for you.

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You can see all of the working titles to the left under the “Work in Progress” heading.
Clicking on the individual titles will take you to that project. While I typically like to have several projects going at once, you probably will not see more than about 3 or 4 at any one time.

AlbatrossCompleted Projects
An archive of all the On the Easel posts, dating back to the beginning of 2009.
Clicking on the titles will take you to that project.

Recent Commissions
These are commissioned works that have shipped all over the US and beyond. Quite often, someone sees a painting they really like but it has sold, or they want it at a different size. Commissioning an original lets them get exactly what they want.
Click on the titles to view that project.

“I believe that as an artist, it is not my purpose to dictate what the viewer sees on the canvas, but rather to pose a question that causes them to seek an answer within themselves. Each individual brings their own life experiences into the decision, and for each of them the meaning is truly unique. My passion lies in reaching that inner self, and drawing it into, and out of, my art. My goal is to create a moment that touches their soul.”
~DJ Fedeli

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