Trump Attacks the Arts

Rants & Raves
David Fedeli
April 24, 2017
I actually had a pretty funny joke prepared to open this rant, but the longer it took to write this, the less I felt like laughing.
I typically don’t care to “talk politics” with the majority of folks, but to me, this subject transcends a closed-minded, party-line political discussion. This is not about politics. It is about the future of what America values, and how we pass those values along to our children and subsequent generations. It is about Americans voicing their wishes and exercising their will democratically, and being in control of what many believe are important and relevant issues for America.
Please allow me to share this email I recently received;

Americans for the Arts - Arts Action Fund

  May 23, 2017

Dear David,

Today, the White House released the official details of its proposed FY2018 “skinny budget” that President Trump proposed back in March. In this latest version, the president doubles down on his recommendation to eliminate the nation’s key federal cultural agencies for the arts, humanities, museums, libraries, and public broadcasting by allocating the minimal amount “for expenses necessary to carry out their closure.” The budget proposal also eliminates important arts education and afterschool grant programs.

Take action now!

  1. Congress is now our only firewall to prevent the President’s extreme proposals from being enacted. Please contact your Members of Congress to urge them to #SAVEtheNEA and these other cultural agencies.  Be sure to look up and include your own stories of how NEA grants have impacted the arts in your state and Congressional district.
  2. Send a customizable tweet to your Members of Congress. Click the Twitter logo on that page to pull up the customizable message that will automatically be sent to your specific Congressional delegation.
  3. Contribute to the Arts Action Fund to support our #SAVEtheNEA campaign.

Your voice makes a difference.

Nina Ozlu Tunceli
Executive Director, Arts Action Fund

 Is this what “We the people” want?

Make no mistake, this is not budget-cutting, this is the complete elimination of funding for the Arts, beginning next year.

The elimination of education funding will have an immediate impact on your children – yes, this generation will be affected – not someone else’s kids down the road. If we feel that the arts are relevant and critical, then we must make our voices heard now.

The message from the current administration appears to be; if you can’t afford to collect fine art, then you shouldn’t be able to create fine art either.

That is certainly not how I feel about the Arts – how about you?